Mark Levinson № 536 Fully Discrete Monaural Amplifier

Mark Levinson № 536 Fully Discrete Monaural Amplifier


Mark Levinson

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  • Pure Path discrete, direct coupled, fully balanced, monaural signal path
  • Expansive, fine imaging, extended low frequency response/pitch, and natural high frequencies
  • Painstakingly optimized, little negative feedback, bandwidth, slewing, and open-loop linearity
  • Fully differential class-AB architecture, operates in class A for most listening conditions
  • Custom-designed, low noise toroid with separate secondary windings for each output stage
  • Designed and handcrafted in the USA


  • One balanced, one single-ended input


  • Rated for 400wpc into 8 ohms, 800wpc into 4 ohms, with 2-ohm stability


  • System-integration connectivity: Ethernet, IP, RS-232, triggers, web monitoring and control


  • 6000-series aluminum chassis, extremely high precision, exceedingly low tolerances